Why are we doing this?

We believe that despite artificial national borders, people are inherently the same, regardless of race or religion, nationality or ethnicity. Based on this idea, our ultimate goal is to build a bridge, connecting people across the world through intercultural dialogue, humanitarian assistance and advocating for those who are vulnerable.

How are we doing it?

The word “Gandom” finds origin in the Persian Language and literally meaning “wheat”. This is one of the most basic components for life, which human beings have consumed throughout history, regardless of their race, skin colour or religion. In a world where people are separated into groups, one of the commonalities among us is wheat, simply because it can always be found on both sides of a border.

What are we doing?

We conceptualise and realise projects in different countries to raise awareness about vulnerabilities both in people or resources, educating underprivileged communities, as well as taking action in the field in times of crisis.

TUNDRA 5- 2013

Gandom NGO raises awareness about vulnerabilities both in people or resources, as well as taking action in time of crisis.

TUNDRA 12-2015

One World - One People

 Gandom’s drive for change and desire for improvement can be found at its core. People matter, but in order for them to, we must ALLOW them to matter

For A World Without Borders

 Gandom's purpose is evident not just in words, not only in dreams, but in reality. Its founders in many facets of life, come from polar-opposite worlds. So different in fact, that they were astonished at how many similarities they share. This is the true embodiment of being "For A World Without Borders."


Mahan Charmshir

President, Co-Founder

Born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran, he is a graduate of the University of Warsaw in B.A in International Relations. Later he studied Humanitarian Action in NOHA program in Poland, Germany and Jordan. He earned the DAAD scholarship to write his Master's thesis about the water scarcity and its impact on human right. His main interest is climate change and its impact on peace and migration.

Josh Dankosky

Vice-President, Co-Founder

Josh was born in 1989 in Winter Haven, Florida, he is a graduate of the University of Warsaw with a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and an eight-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as a Field Radio Operator and a Marine Embassy Security Guard. He is also a Planning Specialist for Procter and Gamble and is interested in water security and security studies.


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