Project Overview

Platform is an ongoing project which has the aim of providing an open and moderated forum for communication and dialogue between university students who hold different perspectives, opinions, and experiences, regarding a specific topic. Each session, a different topic is discussed and panelists have an opportunity to have their voices heard. At the end of the session, members of the audience have the opportunity to participate by asking direct questions or making comments that showcase their perspectives. The diversity of the panelists are paralleled by the respective topics and all have some link which tethers them to the subject, such as being a citizen from a war-torn state, a former military member, or a human rights activist. What makes Platform, is not simply the topic, but the interesting people who give insight and potentially change how a person sees a given situation by implanting genuine ideas of how it can be viewed. Gandom Foundation tries to create a informal forum within the academia in which students can speak their mind freely beyond the solid academic discourse.

In the midst of Iraqi Kurdistan’s and Catalan’s referendum for independence in Sep 2017, the very first session of Platform focused on the concept of independence. By bring panelists from Turkey, Kurdistan, France and Germany, the panel tried to offer a holistic view on the topic.

After the #MeToo movement, Feminist ideas and values increased among students. However, there is no uniform and sole definition of this concept among them. In this session of Platform, the panel tried to bring Feminist and Human Right activists from Poland, Kenya and Germany to talk about their opinion on this matter.

This session of Platform brought together citizens from Yemen, Russia, The United States and Serbia, to discuss foreign interventions and their perspective, steered by their experiences.