We seek to create world with:

Borderless PeaceAccountability Development Equality

Gandom is an organization that aims both high and wide. We see a world where borders create artificial and unnecessary divides between people. People on both sides of these borders have many things in common, and we therefore work towards a world of borderless prosperity.  We seek to reach people across the world, and to build a sustainable and peaceful future for as many people as possible. Gandom raises awareness about vulnerabilities both in people and resources, builds capacity for local communities and takes action in times of crisis by offering innovative solutions.

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Our Work

We believe that national borders create artificial and unnecessary divides between people, and that people are inherently the same regardless of religion, nationality, and ethnicity. Based on this idea of a shared human dignity, we aim to connect people across the world by building bridges of intercultural dialogue, development projects, and advocacy for vulnerable people. In order to realize our goals and fulfill the organization’s mission, we have implemented projects in five countries, worked with 12 local and international partners, and built capacity in over 20 civil society organizations through consultancy work.  

Implemented projects in 5 different countries
Worked with 12 different local and international partners
Trained and built capacity for more than 20 different local initiatives
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Discover More Projects

What is Gandom and what does it do?

Gandom is working towards a free, peaceful, sustainable and borderless world through:

What do we do, and how do we do it?

Based on the idea of a common ground between every person, we build bridges and connect people across perceived divides. We do this through raising awareness of vulnerabilities, creating intercultural dialogue, and building capacities through both short and long term projects. We target protracted and systemic issues with a sustainable and developmental approach. When we work with the target groups directly, we can ensure that the results of our work last beyond our projects. 

Why are we doing what we do? 

Gandom’s core values are rooted in inclusivity and respect for human rights. We believe in approaching social issues by targeting the root causes and looking at the intersection of vulnerabilities. Moreover, we value a holistic approach in our work, and in promoting localization we place the need of the marginalized groups in the center of all our efforts. 

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Those we have worked with

To materialize its goals Gandom has cooperated with a number of educational,
cultural and humanitarian organizations in the past years.

Stół Powszechny

Refugees Welcome

Forum Młodych Dyplomatów


Fundacja Ocalenie

University of Warsaw

Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum

European Inter-University Centre for Human


Polish Humanitarian Action

College of Europe

UNHCR Representation in Poland

Mahan Charmshir
Mahan CharmshirCo-founder & Director
Jasmijn van de Rozenberg
Jasmijn van de RozenbergCo-founder & Operational Manager
Manouk van der Klundert
Manouk van der KlundertCo-Founder & Program Manager